In one of my previous posts, I outlined what one must watch out for if you need a low budget Android device, I am proud to introduce to you Tecno n7 our choice for the nice budget Android device money can buy! But is Tecno n7 really a low budget Android device? The answer is No and Yes! Yes -because it is sold at a very low cost. It is sold for about N28,000 to N30,000 in Nigeria that is roughly a full price of $200. No -because the specs of the device comfortably competes with high budget devices made by popular brands like Samsung and Sony who sells both name and device.

I have been using a Samsung galaxy device loaded with Gingerbread(2.3.6) for about 6 months now. When I set out to upgrade my OS by acquiring a new phone what occupied my  mind was something from LG, Samsung or Sony and nothing else. I have always looked at Tecno n3 with great suspicion. How could Google permit a Chi-chi (low grade Chinese) company to load the Android OS? I wondered if all wasn’t a Chinese mimic of the original Android OS. but when i saw what Tecno has for her consumers at such a low price I became amazed. How could we get all these features at such a low price? I asked the phone dealer who assured me that i would get what I saw. So I did i quick search on the net on Tecno n7 but couldn’t get a nice review on it. Of course many reviewers do not regard products from some Chinese companies so almost all the top technology blogs has nothing on Tecno.

Display and Size
I bought my Tecno n7 phone at N28,000. The first thing that attracted me was the large 5 inch display screen. The Tecno n7 screen/display size is awesome and grand!

This is the screen shot of my customised screen of tecno n7 ANdroid device

This is the screen shot of my customised screen of tecno n7 Android device

Unfortunately the screen display isn’t AMOLED but you will certainly enjoy the picture quality at a direct view. Watching a movie with a 5 inch screen phone is a whole new experience and most enjoyable.
Like the Galaxy Note, carrying a device with large dimension may not be that easy, but when one gets over this the size will not be a problem at all. Ladies can put it in their hand bag. Their is no tecno leather purse for the phone in the market right now but that of Samsung Galaxy grand will make a good container for the device.

Tecno n7 has a 5 Mega pixel main back camera with flash. The flash is such a powerful one that can picture an object in a total darkness. The Flash is also used Torch light by the app Flashlight. 5MP isn’t a bad idea. It takes high resolution noiseless picture especially in a daylight or bright environment. But you wouldn’t expect a smooth result in a dark/evening time.

The front camera is 0.3MP. It is small anyway but it takes nice real images when video calling. I have also used it with Skype and Yahoo messenger.

Tecno n7 takes up to 30 seconds to boot completely. But this will seem like few seconds to you because of the live Tecno animations that will entertain your eyes while the device is loading. Tecno n7 responds very fast to your request. One of my heaviest app Chrome browser (50.79MB) opens within a second of touch. Same with the camera and all the other apps. once the 512RAM is overused the device will automatically refresh itself. This may be boring and disgusting sometimes but it is for your good. If such happens frequently, I use the memory booster app that I installed to kill unwanted apps.

For the other features you may be looking for in this review, look at Tecno n7 HERE.


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